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Meet Mark, the AI singer whose electrifying voice effortlessly navigates the realms of Pop and EDM, captivating audiences with a unique blend of airy vocals that soar across a wide range. With a seamless fusion of genres, Mark delivers a mesmerizing auditory experience, pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence in the realm of music.

PopDanceSingerAiryWide Range
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Make sure your audio is dry and free from effects. You can convert multiple vocals at once. .

Edit pitch
🧪 Beta

Use the quick tuning for a fast autotune. Make sure to set the key!


Use the pitch editor for manual tuning, for creating harmonies or changing melody.


In general, play around with this setting until achieving desired results. Pitch up when doing male to female and pitch down when doing the opposite.


Decrease to retain more characteristics and articulation from the input, useful when the input is non-English. Higher values may introduce artifacts.


Isolate vocals

Remove instrumental
Remove background vocals
Remove reverb and echo
Remove noise


Your 15 last conversions are saved. Make sure to download any conversion that you want to keep. for commercial use of your conversions. for higher quality of downloads.

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